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Creating High Performance Service Lanes

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Franchise Specific Link - Dealership Registration
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Your dealership information will appear at the top of your Service Menu.

Please register each franchise separately.  Our support staff can create a master login for you.


Enter the name of the Dealership as you would like it to appear on the menu.

Enter the street address of the Dealership.

Enter the website address for the Dealership.

Enter the Service Department phone number.

Enter the name of the Dealership contact person. This is typically the Service Manager.

Enter the email address of the Dealership contact.

Enter the telephone number of the Dealership contact.

We recommend using the Dealership name or a part of the Dealership name as the username.  We do not recommend using an individual person's name.

Password must be at least 7 characters.

Please be patient after clicking the register button.  We are busy building the background infrastructure for your Service Menus.  It may take up to 90 seconds for you to be directed to the Welcome Page.   Thank you for your patience.


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