Friday, August 12, 2022    
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Webinar Overview
Setting up your Menu Selling System

Watch this Webinar and learn:
  • How other dealers have improved sales and profits by employing systematized service lane selling processes
  • How much additional volume and profit can the average service advisor bring to the table by getting more system into their selling
  • How the consultative approach to service lane selling helps build long-term customer relationships and repeat sales of service, aftersale items, and even more vehicles
  • How management can develop critical service advisor buy-in both in the short-term and the long-term
  • The psychology of selling from a menu and why it works to everyone's benefit
  • How and when dealers are introducing service menus in the presentation cycle for the best results
  • The pros and cons of different menu presentations, from one-page printed menus, to the most sophisticated, online interactive versions with varying layers of detail
  • Selling technologies that exist today but are not on your radar screen - yet!
  • How service lane menus are used to sell not only manufacturer-recommended services, but also pre-paid maintenance and extended service contracts
  • Tips on how to keep your service advisors motivated to work the selling system, customer after customer and month after month
  • How to seize the opportunity on your service drive to deliver professional consultative service to your most valued customers for fun and profit!
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